10 October 2009

Social Hypocrasy

Found this in a book randomly picked off a shelf this morning:
"False pretense is a form of lying. You are guilty of this fault if you hold yourself out to be something you are not in order to impress others, to appear important, and to be admired..."

"You practice social hypocrasy when you worm your way into the confidence of another, act as if you are solely concerned with giving sympathy and advice, draw out secrets of a personal nature, and then use the information to hurt the one whose confidence you have gained; or when you pretend to be unselfishly interested in advancing some good cause - charity, religion or public welfare - but you have the intention of using the cause, and others who are working for it, to your own advantage."
"You practice professional hypocrasy when, in public office or in business, you speak against some evil and in reality practice it yourself ..."

"To be outspoken when truth is under attack, when charity is being bruised, or when important issues of life are at stake is a good... thing"

(from The Hidden Power of Kindness, Lawrence G Lovasik, publ. by Sophia Institute Press)

So, what does the National Bullying Helpline say to me, in response to a formal complaint about this issue sent to a "trustee"?

In an email on 16th September, Christine Pratt wrote:

"This evening I was informed that our Trustee’s are in receipt of a letter containing veiled threats, from you, regarding a matter which is historic and which has already been addressed. I am disappointed that you did not speak to us first and did not check your facts ...You will receive a professional response from our Trustees."

"Our Trustee’s are extremely concerned, as indeed am I, to note that you admit in writing that you are the author of an anonymous and vindictive blog that has been established to cause maximum hurt and distress – not just to myself, but to innocent associates and children."

"Bullies are cowards. Individuals who resort to ‘anonymous cyber bullying’ only do so because all professional channels have failed – as is apparent in this case. Tim (Field) would be appalled to know that you are now bullying and harassing David and myself in this way - using (another web site) as your tool."

"I struggle to comprehend the fact that you are using (another web site) in this way and that you are now abusing the trust (the other web site's owner) placed in you by allowing you to manage (the other web site)."

"I will not write to you again. I am instructing a Solicitor."

On 22 September they write:

"The manner in which you have behaved (we refer to your blog) is an act of bullying and harassment. Cyber-bullying is unlawful, as anyone who understood Tim (Field)'s work will know. Your inappropriate use of (a certain other web site) shows your lack of professional knowledge of the subject and is a disregard and abuse of the trust placed in you when you persuaded the (other web site's owner) to hand over management of the site to you."

Predictably, the letter contained veiled threats, saying "Cary Cooper has advised us to report your actions to the police and to seek legal advice" - I do not believe he said exactly that - and of course the letter completely avoided any mention of the concern raised in my letter to them, and on this blog.

Christine Pratt's claim to understand Tim Field's work and aspirations is supported with a passage on the NBH's "about" page which was originally 2200 words long but which has recently been significantly shortened.